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Threat and Reward in Psychopathology Lab

Our lab is part of the Clinical-Research Program, School of Psychological Sciences, Tel Aviv University.


We investigate threat- and reward-related processes in different psychopathologies (e.g., PTSD, social anxiety disorder, depression, OCD), employing advanced eye-tracking methodology, psychophysiology and behavioral/clinical measures.


Specifically, we focus on visual attention allocation patterns to different emotional stimuli and on the effects of prior learning experiences on subsequent attention allocation in fear-related experiences; reward-related experiences; and the balance between them. 



Our clinical experience shows that patients with different psychopathologies show (1) heightened monitoring of threat-related cues; and (2) deficient engagement with rewarding cues.

Our lab attempts to explore these threat- and reward-related processes, and their interplay, across different psychopathologies.

We address questions such as: 

  • What is the nature of heightened threat monitoring across different psychopathologies?

  • How might reward monitoring be related to different psychopathologies?

  • What might be the interplay and associations between these processes?

  • What are the effects of prior experiences on ensuing attention allocation? 


Featured Research Projects
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The effects of music reward on subsequent attention allocation in depression 

In this research we examine the effects of gaze-contingent music reward on subsequent attention allocation patterns in depressed and non-depressed participants.


Contact Us

For further details, research opportunities and more, please contact us:

Threat and Reward Psychopathology Lab

Sharet Building, Room 225
School of Psychological Sciences

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv, Israel 69978

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